“Lost in Time” is a documentary project about ethnic groups in the Czech Republic.

Photographs are full of symbols and signs, which reflect both Czech and Roma culture.

Several times I went to Predlice district (which is in Usti nad Labem) in order to discover the bright side of Roma life. I tried to find some signs of their cultural heritage, signs of their habits, religion etc.

I was looking for significant details, which helps us to characterize Roma society.

My main goal of this project is to show the colors of Roma daily life - all of the differences associated with the ethnicity, which makes their lives more interesting.

In addition, I want to raise people's tolerance and respect for different ethnic groups.

Photography can contribute to the development of public identity; it becomes an active new sense of reality and creator codes.

Project was exhibited in National Prague Gallery.

Most of the pictures were taken in Predlice district, Usti nad Labem, CZ 2012

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