Let's go back to the beginning of photography.. To its substance...

But before read a few lines written by Chris Wilson.

I was sleeping..

I was alone..

I don’t recall..

Only the swish of the curtains across the edge of the pillow…

The white sun and her freckled back….

Will you undo my bra my darling?

I cant, I am asleep …

And then the meadow…

And the sheaths of grass that rose up and tattooed the shadow of the suns fire to our skin..

To the lake to the lake!

We must swim..

And the bare frame where the swing used to be..

I was drunk and she was laughing laughing…

Languid my darling, languid and far away but somehow here at the same time..

Don't you remember anything?

Be quiet and cover your eyes… now concentrate… hard..harder!

There now..

Do you see?

I invite you on a mysterious, intimate and edgy journey. This series of a black and white photography captures discrete moments. With an eye for secret shapes, patterns and textures, the images expose a side of our psyche we often try to hide. I chose to use the human body as a canvas and create my own paintings. I allow a particular texture to be revealed through the images by using old fashion photography techniques, natural light and shadows.

Article on this: Art as Artefacts

London 2014

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