Photography book I-N-T-I-M-A-C-Y (2013) is a part of photography project Ramuma (Lt. Lang.) translated into English means placidness. Most photographs were taken by instant camera EXA Ia (1965) and a few of them by DSLR camera Canon EOS 60D.


One may start thinking what does the word ‘intimate’ mean? Does it mean something personal and private, which is somehow connected with personal feelings and memories? Does nudity reflect intimacy? Could artwork be intimate by using a certain atmosphere and certain objects? For me the word ‘intimate’ conveys a strong emotional feeling, and also brings to mind an interpretations of something secret, something that is not exposed to all., I decided to create my own intimacy book, which contains my personal routine, daily emotions and convergence with landscape. I expose myself in front of the third eye, which brings me a new experience and a new way to be. This book is the current of time – my time. It’s not provocative, but enigmatic, sensitive but not over sweet. It’s light and deep. It’s about emotions which we are not able to name, but everyone feels them. I want the viewer to try to smell the linden tea, feel the textile of the bed sheets and see how frosty the mist can be... My book contains various senses, which should bring the viewer to the main idea of intimacy.

Objects in my pictures display my closest environment and they have a certain meaning, each of them different. These photographs present very close views of familiar subjects. My work would fall under the genres of landscape, still life and portraits. The most important questions are the current of time, the color of light and a person’s figure in the relation with nature. I am looking for what we usually lack in our daily routine: calmness, aesthetics, surprises and shared experiences.

I am aware that I may receive a lot of criticism and comments on how naive and romantic I am. Sometimes it is very hard to remain yourself, and this book is exactly about that: about being who you are (who I am). Most of us are trying to hide the sensitive part of our essence from the rest of society, but I am trying to take advantage of mine. I am not trying to be innovative with my work; I am doing what makes me happy, what brings me pleasure. Am I a hedonist? Maybe, I don’t know… but I believe that some of you, holding this book in your hands, find it similar to your own experience. Have a nice time on this small journey.

Prague 2013

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